With the aim to make a difference in the field of Real Estate Development, we are committed to providing Customers with a wide range of services to ensure that Customers can pick out the optimal choice.


BRD consults Investors on Project R&D and optimizing profit, hence, increasing their asset value by:

  • Market Research and Concept Guideline, ensuring the competitive advantages and adaptation with the market trends of Real Estate.
  • Consulting on Structure of land use, Allocation of Functional Areas and Utility Areas in order to maximize Business Benefits.
  • Consulting on Project Planning and Planning of Surface that are suitable with the Structure of Products, Market and the Project Development
  • Consulting on Evaluating the efficiency of Project Investment


  • Establish an overall business strategy for the project at each stage including Strategy, Planning and Policy from time to time.
  • Packaging products and initiating phases of Sales and Leasing.
  • Revenue Planning and Cash Flow Planning for the project including on-sale, leasing products and other services.
  • Manage a professional sales team with great credibility and integrity who deeply understands the market as well as their customers.
  • Establishing, managing and implementing systems and policies for sales


Improve Branding & Sales through overall & effective Marketing Strategy such as:

  • Research the Market and targeted Customers.
  • Establish Branding Concept & targeted Products.
  • Establish an overall Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Projects at each stage.
  • Consultations on Sales & Brand Kit.
  • Establish PR Strategy and Management.
  • Provide Customers with Marketing Campaigns and Communication Strategies.


For the equal interests between the Investor and the customers, we develop the most feasible and efficient operation plan upon each Project:

  • Pre-opening management
  • Operating technical system management
  • Outsourced services management
  • Customer service management
  • Security, hygiene and fire protection management
  • Risk management
  • Operating costs management
  • Operational Personnel and Administration Management


  • Establish and Implement the Managing System for Real Estate Companies and Operation Management Departments.
  • Surveying, Evaluating, and Constructing SOPs for Real Estate Departments
  • Evaluate according to Customer’s journey to find out the best solutions for Customer Service and improve the Quality of Service.
  • Establish a detailed Training Frame and Training Plan for 3 levels of personnel: Manager – Supervisor – Employee.
  • Have Training Courses for Property Managers as well as soft skills training for the Leaders Team.