Currently, property management companies all recognize that building operation management has too many tasks, leading to difficulties for property management in controlling activities of the building comprehensively.

These are common problems faced by most Investors, so to manage building operations professionally and effectively, we need to standardize all building operation management processes, apply building management software, and install intelligent technical management systems right from the set up stage.

Firstly, through this article, let’s explore with BRD Vietnam Joint Stock Company about the professional building operation management process that needs to be construct on specific service areas:

  • Forming a property management and organization structure
  • Reception and customer care management
  • Technical system operation management
  • Security, sanitation, landscape, and greenery service management…
  • Effective contractor management
  • Budget and procurement administration
  • Risk management in building operations

1. Forming a property management and organization structure

In order to provide the best experience for customers, the personnel need to be recruited and trained in a methodical and professional manner.

  • Forming a property management suitable for the scale of each project with detailed functions, tasks, job descriptions for each position
  • Recruitment planning according to job description, appropriate level, and expertise. Trained and re-trained to ensure continuity.
  • Reasonable allocation and management of human resources.
  • Coordination between departments to optimize management work.

2. Reception and customer care management process

Nowadays, buildings often have a large number of Customers, Residents belonging to different groups and classes. Therefore, customer care management requires skillful and professional handling to optimize customer experience as well as ensure information security in building operation management. The reception and customer care management process usually includes:

  • Making a list of current customers who need to be managed and skills to build relationships with residents.
  • Building a receptionist job performance guide including Greeting customers; Coordinating security control in and out; Asset and hygiene management in the managed area; Guide registration for construction and fee payment …
  • Building a professional customer care process from when residents receive handover and during their stay at the building including Apartment handover process; Design approval process, apartment construction; Apartment acceptance process; Apartment construction control process; Fee notification issuance process …
BRD Vietnam's Customer Care Reception
BRD Vietnam’s Customer Care Reception

3. Building a technical system operation management process

The more modern the technical system, the easier it is to maintain, repair and operate the building’s technical work. Therefore, the building management board needs to build a scientific building operation management and technical system. This process is usually carried out as follows:

  • Survey and test the technical system as soon as receiving to assess the status of the system and identify points that need to be addressed.
  • Develop and implement a technical system operation plan including on/off schedule, system checklist and regulations for technical personnel.
  • Develop and implement a process for handling technical incidents such as firefighting, elevator rescue…
  • Develop and implement a maintenance plan in accordance with standards, maintenance frequency recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Control, evaluate potential risks that may occur during operation

4. Security, sanitation, landscape, and greenery service management…

Security, sanitation, landscape, and greenery services are one of the essential services in building operation management. Usually, the professional building operation management process will be implemented as follows:

  • Surveying items, assessing the situation, and building, evaluating security, sanitation, landscape and greenery solutions
  • Building standards, principles for controlling services as a basis for inclusion in contractor contracts and evaluation.
  • Manage, control, periodically evaluate security, sanitation, landscape and greenery services and other services.

Security in Building Operation Management

5.Budget and procurement administration

  • Building an operating budget, periodic procurement and controlling revenue and expenditure plans closely following the established budget.
  • Managing administrative work of the management board, controlling procurement expenses for administration according to approved norms
  • Establishing a periodic reporting regime monthly, quarterly within the Building Management Board and with investors or Management Board

Building operation management requires expertise, meticulousness, and depth-in service so it will not be easy for non-specialized units or investors to have a professional and effective building operation process. Therefore, currently most investors choose to use building operation management services from professional units to bring the best quality in operation work.

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