1. What is maintenance of technical systems?

Maintenance of technical systems is one of the activities in the management and operation of Buildings, Offices, Commercial Centers, Urban Areas, Hotels, etc. Maintenance work is carried out periodically to minimize the risk of machinery breakdowns. This ensures that the technical system operates more safely, increases its lifespan and optimizes investment and operating costs.

Maintenance of technical systems is usually divided into 2 areas:

  • Maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems: Technical staff will inspect all mechanical equipment and electrical equipment, detect timely damage and degradation, and then plan for timely repairs to ensure that the equipment system operates normally.
  • Maintenance of construction works: Technical staff will inspect foundation systems, ceilings, walls, floors, etc. to limit the degradation of the works overtime.

2. The process of maintaining technical systems.

2.1 Make a list of machinery and equipment in the technical system.

Making a list of equipment in the technical system is an important step to help you manage and limit the shortage of quantity. Typically, the list-making process will include specific tasks such as:

  • The technical department establishes a list of machinery and equipment currently available in the technical system.
  • The chief engineer reviews the list of equipment by classification and quantity.
  • Staff need to update the list if new equipment arises.
  • The person in charge must create a profile for each type of technical equipment.

2.2 Surveying the current state of the technical system

Based on each device’s function, the Management Board needs to conduct a survey on the actual condition of machinery in the technical system. This process helps the technical department determine which devices need maintenance and a reasonable maintenance frequency.

In addition, the Technical Department also needs to consider hiring professional external Technical System Maintenance Services if there is not enough internal maintenance capacity or for specialized equipment.

2.3 Plan for maintenance of technical systems.

After grasping the current state of the equipment, relevant departments will proceed to consult building maintenance for Customers. Next, the Management Board needs to submit a plan to investors and wait for approval.

After coming to an agreement with Customers, the technical department can proceed with building technical maintenance according to the proposed plan. Example of planning for maintenance of technical systems.

2.4 Prepare for building’s technical maintenance

Based on the plan for maintaining technical systems, the technical department must review and purchase necessary supplies.

This activity must be carried out according to what investors approve. In the case that external maintenance services are needed, Management must supervise carefully and closely monitor maintenance procedures.

2.5 Perform maintenance on technical systems

After completing preparation work, technical staff can proceed with maintaining technical systems according to plan.

During implementation, responsible management departments must closely monitor maintenance procedures. After that, supervisory board must make a record of acceptance for maintenance.

3. Commonly encountered technical systems that need maintenance

The number of machines in a technical system is usually very large. Therefore, there are also many devices that need maintenance, repair, replacement. Below are some common tasks for maintaining technical systems:

  • Maintenance of the electrical system that supplies electricity
  • Maintenance of low voltage systems (cameras, BMS, signal boosters, etc.)
  • Water supply and drainage systems
  • Elevator and escalator maintenance services • Generator system. • Waste and wastewater treatment systems.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • Fire protection system maintenance.
  • Security management and access control systems.
  • Swimming pool equipment systems.
  • Maintenance of construction items in the building.

4. How much does it cost for maintenance of technical systems?

Usually, the cost of maintaining technical systems is a concern for many customers. However, when consulting technically, we cannot answer this question with an exact number because the maintenance cost will depend on many different characteristics of the building such as:

  • Technical system status: For degraded systems, maintenance needs to be carried out more frequently and in-depth. In-depth maintenance will also require more costs.
  • Technical system: Maintenance costs will increase based on the number of technical systems that need to be maintained.

5. BRD Vietnam’s consulting activities providing technical system maintenance services.

BRD Vietnam is a provider of high-quality real estate management and building management services. The company has provided solutions and personnel for overall technical system maintenance for many different projects.

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