Unlike the management of regular building operations, professional school operations management needs to ensure that teaching, learning, and extracurricular activities are effectively implemented alongside security, sanitation, and other routine issues.

Therefore, with the desire for professional quality service and infrastructure management as well as for schools to focus on teaching, student management, it is certain that an experienced school operations service provider will be needed in this field.

To better understand the importance and tasks in this type of service, let’s explore the following article by BRD Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

1. Benefits of using an school operations management unit

  • Saving costs and time in management
  • Ensuring an optimal teaching environment with the best safety for students, teachers and students
  • Building a solid foundation for the school by ensuring close coordination between resources
  • Ensuring that the school’s management and operation is in line with the set direction and goals
  • Increasing school profits by optimizing management costs
  • Improving the reputation and trust of the school in the eyes of students, parents, and the community.

2. Key tasks in Service Operations Management

2.1. Infrastructure operation

To evaluate the quality of school management, infrastructure will be an important criterion. Therefore, the Service and Infrastructure Operations Unit will be the consulting unit, set up support for schools with study facilities, equipment, classrooms, dormitories, canteens, swimming pools, sports areas… in the most appropriate way to ensure proper function and standards of the school.

The Service and Infrastructure Operations Unit will also build periodic maintenance plans to repair, replace… infrastructure to ensure it is in its best operating condition.

2.2. Security system, safety and surveillance

A quality surveillance system is also an important factor for all activities in schools to run smoothly.

  • Technologies and management software support receiving information and feedback from students and functional departments of schools to quickly resolve incidents.
  • In addition, maintaining operation and maintenance of technical systems such as 24/7 cameras, fire protection systems, BMS… ensures safety and peace of mind for staffs, students and parents.
  • In addition, Service Operations Units always maintain a team of quality control services unexpectedly and periodically to monitor all service operations at schools.

2.3. Sanitation and Food Safety

Sanitation – a core criterion that all parents, students, teachers and school staff care about. Therefore, the Service Operations Unit will always ensure hygiene inside and outside the school campus as well as other functional areas of the school.

Food safety factor in providing meals for students and school staff also needs to be prioritized and strictly monitored according to standards.

In addition, other facilities such as swimming pools, sports areas, libraries… also need to ensure hygiene and operate according to state regulations on safety levels and standards.

3. BRD Vietnam’s School Operations Management

Property management always requires expertise, meticulousness, and depth so for Units that need to focus on expertise and lack experience will often opt for an external Service Management Units.

Currently, BRD Vietnam Joint Stock Company is one of the units providing property management services with unique experience in managing school operations services.

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BRD Vietnam has received the trust of VinUniversity and is honored to be an unit providing technical operations services at this prestigious destination.

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